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getable vegetable have no future,evening dresses besides although the activity this time is dangerous, <a href="">dresses</a>as long as carefully setting up, probably can the very quick safety spend.
Chapter 13 assassinates
The joss-stick Yu makes Kou Zhong and son Ling see the Xiao Xian, morning together,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> cloud jade really also from rest of the place came back, cloud jade really comes to run a general mansion every day in these days in,<a href="">prom dresses</a> don't know as well for the sake of what, probably only have her from already most clear!She is to hope to see someone, even if needs to from a distance hope,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a>Be worth satisfying.Life still with usually similar, mild like the state of mind that water has green puckery warmth, she probably also slowly changes under the influence of the someone,<a href="">evening dresses</a> the wing of butterfly already starts to stir up, the history bombs changing of Long Long decided direction,<a href="">prom dresses</a> the windstorm wreaks havoc historical of car wheel, later variety is who also the idea could not anticipate, even if is joss-stick the Yu have already slowly lost the advantage of prophet as well.But constant is this is a game of victor, whether you can get away from historical pawn?
More than tens in the joss-stick Yu close front and back of the Wei escorts under, the Kou Zhong is as true as cloud jade, joss-stick the Yu and Xu Zi Ling's cent make two rows, the plan rides a Chi general mansion, dynasty the beam emperor Xiao Xian change to set up a manager mansion but become of imperial palace slowly the Chi go.
Returns the Xi Xi Rang Rang on the street of, be full of to inebriate the person's contented feeling, compare with other place Ba Ling can be said to be lucky because of Ba Ling Bang and always relate to with Sui room closely, past become a to help to dominate in the county of situation.The Xiao Xian is officer in the place, support to the properly rich Shen.
Yang emperor since die, expect Ling to help in clear and ordered pattern received ground head, county person only the sum head congratulate, hence can don't seem to be


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ike in shape flash across knife spirit,evening dresses the hands become the power of center of palm of hand to grasp the long knife of Kou Zhong to comply with the surrounding to pour Kou Zhong to turn over to bump to go to Xu Zi Ling, <a href="">dresses</a> oneself borrows certainly back to open.
Xu Zi Ling is helpless the power for taking back a violent boxing, only growing to get angry just can have no to have scruples about of spread spirit but be free from any condition of the injury, then embrace the Kou Zhong of backset,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> 2 people forbid not to live to annoy to vigorously bump shot of blunt power, together drive beat back quite a few Zhang,<a href="">prom dresses</a> just stop Tui power, square off face to face afresh joss-stick Yu.
The joss-stick Yu has never multiplied by to win to make track for shot when 2 people retreat and just wearing a smilely looking at to stand firm of two people.
Kou Zhong and Xu Zi Ling all knew the effort of joss-stick Yu compare they all Gao many, but is also a good opportunity and come to hammer chain to them they,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> 2 people took a look the other party and re- lift and annoy the war that the preparation continues, the Kou Zhong lifts knife and rushes at joss-stick the Yu row the knife type that enriches a reason with the world of an a way, give person a kind of avoiding didn't can avoid of suffer a defeat feeling,<a href="">evening dresses</a> Xu Zi Ling also closes on the heels of afterward, hands or boxing,<a href="">prom dresses</a> or Zhang are changeable, the 2 people tacit understanding mutually matches and offend at the same time to joss-stick Yu, the last two people of spirit strength one cold heat uncannily combines together, the power collects of raised quite a few doubly, the vehemence soars of press to joss-stick Yu.
The joss-stick Yu is originally very confident to face 2 people's attack, but when the spirit that saw 2 people vigorously and suddenly raised, have to start to carry whole body of true spirit, tee off one domineering boxing dint of type, bomb a ly, the contact of the spirit and spirit moment, 3 people were bomberespectively d t


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 and lightly said:"I after the completion assassinated and allowed a little,evening dresses take a vegetable vegetable and leave and expect Ling, <a href="">dresses</a> is also say that I am leaving Xiao Xian, doing not work for him."
The fragrant Yu that looking at one faces cool facial expression, Kou Zhong and Xu Zi Ling in every aspect and mutually Qu one face can not believe of shape,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> Xu Zi Ling towards joss-stick Yu that to reveal the look in the eyes way of sincerity:"So, why do you leave Xiao Xian?Still have you vegetable to take there to go the vegetable?"
Listen to Xu Zi Ling's words,<a href="">prom dresses</a> the joss-stick Yu knows that he has already slowly believed he and towarded a Kou Zhong and son Ling way:"I just don't like to be the pawn that the Xiao Xian overlord among states, besides current of I look forward to the gratitude and grudge feeling enemy, Chien but speech of river's lake it wanting and changing bad territory,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> also have I think vegetable vegetable receive the Zhong likes less person of place."
"Sung valve" Xu Zi Ling sees the ashamed Kou Zhong saying.
"Yes" the joss-stick Yu tooks a look him.
2 people are foolish to think for a long time, surroundings can hear the cicada blare and insect Zhi voice, finally the Kou Zhong openings way:"As long as you can look after good vegetable elder sister to go and was good friends with well know to her?The joss-stick is little,<a href="">evening dresses</a> I not is play trick!So, the useless talk is little to say to let my knowledge for a while your rare fighting skill!"Say from the arbor inside seethe to go out,<a href="">prom dresses</a> , stand on the vacant land, the son Ling also complies with the surrounding outwardly hurl to go.
The joss-stick Yu sees 2 people all have already waited for in the outside, immediately the rowing of fresh breeze sort stands over the horizon to Kou Zhong and the opposite of the son Ling, toward Kou Zhong and son Ling Hao feeling 10000:"The Zhong is little, son Ling, you offend to come over together!Also make me experience your skills."
Kou Zhong and son Ling to after seeing, have a lit


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ge intention!"
Kou Zhong and son Ling mutually see 1 rightness,evening dresses still the Kou Zhong beat the chest an answering of self-confidence way:"We certainly can't give up to assassinate to allow a little, <a href="">dresses</a> but the joss-stick is little to obstruct ours, how on the contrary push wave to help Lan to promise us to assassinate to allow a little, also explained in detail the real strenght of allowing the little in detail?"
The joss-stick Yu settles to certainly looking at Kou Zhong,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> until the Kou Zhong is some impatient appearances, let go of wine cup to shake to shake a way:"The activity this time I go together with you."
Kou Zhong and son Ling hear this sentence like a thunderclap piercing the ear,<a href="">prom dresses</a> two personal frights of rush toward the water wine in all the Sa come out and together and together looking at joss-stick Yu, indetermination of way:"You say to is to assassinate to allow a little together with us, 3 people are together."Say to still point joss-stick Yu and Xu Zi Ling.
The joss-stick Yu looking at the Kou Zhong and son Ling of one faces frightened appearance and understand them naturally the reason of this appearance,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> one because the reason of the vegetable vegetable, the another is certainly the height of fighting skill, although the fragrant Yu capability that knows now is definitely taller than them,<a href="">evening dresses</a> but not is have never experienced?So will worry is also a naturally.Funny way:"This has what can be surprising of, didn't I entitle to go with you together?If is shocked now,<a href="">prom dresses</a> so I connect down want to speak of not be frightenning you Chi."
Kou Zhong and the son Ling appearance with embarrassed look, the Kou Zhong is silly to silly smile to say with smile:"Is not the problem with qualifications, but afraid vegetable does the elder sister worry?Ha ha ……that is one or two we frighten is what matter!"The Xu Zi Ling's eyes of one side in also the Shan wear curious about vision now, an appearance that the Ji can not treat.
The joss-stick Yu picked up a wine cup article for a while


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ss of once the atmosphere sweep but get empty,evening dresses the joss-stick Yu smiled to say with smile:"Xiao two after taking charge of to call an emperor, <a href="">dresses</a> I am responsible for an intelligence report collections, so be sealed the form of address of general, you need not care,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> admire, we of the brothers form of address!"
The Kou Zhong teases a way:"No wonder that see your brilliance all over the face,<a href="">prom dresses</a> the Yi Yi livings bare appearance and be like that sun on the sky!"
Joss-stick Yu stand stand hand, smile way:"This luckily the Zhong is little and the help of son Ling, and the recent fighting skill broke,<a href="">cocktail dresses</a> so looking like to change in pattern is general."
By the time that Kou Zhong and son Ling just started meeting already some fellings, that is pure is responding of the superior's, most make people surprising of is the qualities of the joss-stick Yu completely and greatly changes in pattern,<a href="">evening dresses</a> 2 people go towards seeing to see and all see arrive respectively the surprise in the eye.
The joss-stick Yu tooks a look gradually dark go to of the sky, to Kou Zhong and son Ling way:"Showing me Zhong is little and the effort of son Ling!Ha ha ……"say,<a href="">prom dresses</a> the flying of lightning flashes speed per hour Lue far goes, Kou Zhong and son Ling aren't and up foolish to is foolish to also hurriedly fly Lue and go, but all anyway make track for joss-stick Yu, all know that the fragrant Yu list in nowadays talks about light achievement have been taller than them many, also have one silk misgiving while rising to respect and admire, he sincerely to vegetable is the elder sister good?"
Chapter 11 fights since go to
When Kou Zhong and son Ling see the fragrant Yu of front stop a step, know they have already arrived destination and see forward square vegetable the vegetable stand at the door and see plain vegetable the appearance of the your book belly, start to be suffused with bitter and astringent taste, don't know for the sake of what, probably is the reality that temporarily connects to can not stand a vegetab


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